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Pro•me•the•us  [pruh-mee-thee-uhs, -thyoos] noun.
1. The wisest of all Titans, the son of Iapetus and Themis, and brother to Atlas, Epimetheus, and Menoetius. His name means “Forethought.” He was a protector and benefactor of humankind, and known for his artful and clever intelligence. Prometheus took fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals, which enabled their progress, the building of tools, objects, and led to the development of civilizations.
The Prometheus Design Werx Team is an eclectic aggregate of individuals who all intrinsically share in the mission and ethos of the brand. We are comprised of forward thinkers, designers, craftsmen, former service members, rebels, and adventurers. When not committed to our work and assisting customers, anyone of us can be found somewhere in the mountains, in the water, blazing a new trail, improving our aim, discovering an excellent burrito joint in a hidden corner of the city, honing a particular skill, or researching a new horizon.
We at Prometheus Design Werx believe in discipline, but make up most of our own rules. That you should know how to start a proper campfire without a match and also safely extinguish it. The difference between a lager and an ale, and packing out what you pack in. Being able to hit a target at 300 yds using iron sights, and knowing that a wild strawberry tastes better than anything bought in a store. How to read a 7.5’ USGS topo map, and helping others to help themselves. When to use a 6pt vs a 12pt socket, and set a broken bone. Working to be responsible stewards of our land and wildlife so that our children may also enjoy them. How to sharpen an axe, tying a figure 8, changing your own oil and properly recycling it, and making a pot of chili from scratch. Knowing that the “golden rule” and a handshake still count for something, and understanding that the true spirit of adventure is a state of heart and mind.
Prometheus Design Werx is represented by this distinct logo. It is comprised of 3 and 6 sided polygons. Each of the elements has a particular meaning. The triangle found in the center of our logo, is the strongest of all shapes, it is the core, hearth, and the alchemical symbol for fire. The three intertwined modified hexagons represent the interconnectivity of both the planned and often unexpected directions in life and enterprise. The outside frame is a six sided polygon and a hybrid shape representing the strength of your "House," and also the shared efficiency of a six sided polygon as found in nature and replicated by man.

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