FLEXTAIL is a team of outdoor-loving engineers. Relying on the technology and innovation, they have invented a series of reliable and lightweight outdoor appliances, and have made continuous efforts for a more friendly outdoor experience for humans.

In the past ten years, FLEXTAIL engineers went to more professional laboratories to continue this exploration and have launched the world's first outdoor air pump, outdoor electric heating mosquito repellent device, and outdoor projector... Compared to the clunky and single-function traditional device, FLEXTAIL reduced the weight and the volume by more than half and achieved better performance. FlEXTAIL team devoted themselves to creating innovative and remarkable lightweight outdoor appliances and keep refreshing their own lightweight record.


Our Mission

Create innovative and remarkable lightweight outdoor appliances, and let everyone can be free to live anywhere in the world in the future. Provide full appliance support for outdoor.

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Resellers, contact us at flextail@ms-distribution.eu